Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Analysis of Accessibility Index In Mashhad Metropolytan Area            0000-00-00
2    the role of participatory managment in restoration of urban worn textures case stuly novghan sector of mashhad    M.Sc.    babaee, javad    2010-06-21
3    Optimizing and Management of Lighting in Urban Streets with simulation by DIALux software (Case Study: Tehran- Gisha region)    M.Sc.    Yaghmaei, Ali    2010-08-29
4    A survey about interaction between land-use management & urban transport & traffic situation.(Case study:Almas-e-shargh Commercial Center)    M.Sc.    asadi, mahdieh    2010-09-19
5    Title of Thesis\\Dissertation: The Investigation of Suburban Transportation and Parking Locations in Nimbolook City    M.Sc.    ghasemi, maryam    2011-01-10
6    The Study of Situation of Preserving Green Space ( Gardens) of The Jahrom City for a Sustainable Development    M.Sc.    roosta, mojtaba    2011-01-24
7    Survey and analysing Mashhad position in knowledge city concept    M.Sc.    balooch, reza    2011-02-04
8    Sustainable Planning of Brownfeild Case: Mashhad,s Army Base    M.Sc.    Razavi, Mohammad Mohsen    2011-02-11
9    Amol Municipality evaluation in the Implementation of Sustainable Development with Emphasis on Green Space    M.Sc.    bolori, zohre    2011-02-27
10    The Study ofe Elemants Islamic City in Development Plans Of mashhad    M.Sc.    rezayi moghadam, ali    2011-03-01
11    Challenges of urban management in Afghanistan: case study Kabul    M.Sc.    Hussaini, Sayed Ali    2011-03-06
12    Analysis of healthy city indicators in third area of third zone in Mashhad city    M.Sc.    Afshar Hosseinabadi, Zahra    2011-04-05
13    Analyzing Of Spatial Distribution of the House Price in Mashhad City    M.Sc.    asadi, amir    2011-09-18
14    The study of influence factors on the position of middle city Torbat heydariye    M.Sc.    esmailzadeh, hadi    2012-12-29
15    surveying the role of zanjan municipality in improvement of women security in public    M.Sc.    ESFAHANIAN, FARNAZ    2013-03-05
16    Evaluating walkability by emphasizing on newurbanisim theory (case study : sajjad)    M.Sc.    Rabani Aboalfazli, Ghazaleh    2013-03-13
17    Separation of work and residence place between Mashhad and Shandiz and its impact on city devolpment Shandiz    M.Sc.    Bagheri, Mohammad Rasoul    2013-03-13
18    capacity evaluation study of urban life and space development in under ground levels in behesht garden path, central mashhad    M.Sc.    shayestefar, sharifeh    2013-03-13
19    Factors affecting the participation of private investors in projects of urban development (Case Study: Mashhad Municipality collaborative projects)    M.Sc.    hejazi joshaghani, mohsen    2013-03-16
20    Survey of physical – spatial development scenarios for Bokan city    M.Sc.    Maroofi, Aiub    2013-03-16
21    Analysis Status Oshnaviyeh city viewpoint city development strategy indicators(CDS)    M.Sc.    sharifi, bayezid    2013-03-16
22    the study of effective factors on spatial changes of price land in Sabzevar    M.Sc.    ghadiri, maryam    2013-03-16
23    Strategic planning city development Bajestan by using SWOT model and ANP    M.Sc.    ARFAEI, JAVAD    2013-03-16
24    investigation of stakeholders requirements in mashhad urbn railway line 2 with special attention on the role of citizens    M.Sc.    vahdatipoor, majid    2013-04-21
25    analysis indicatirs, effective in crisis management zone 3 municipality of mashhad using the model of AHP    M.Sc.    valaee, mohammadreza    2013-04-21
26    analysis lord city in mashhad    M.Sc.    alizadeh, maryam    2013-04-21
27    POSSIBILITIES OF APPLICATION of the theory of replotting design the land reasjustment for worn- out urban textures of around holy shrine    M.Sc.    Hejazi, Sayyed Farhad    2013-04-21
28    Survey and Analyze the spatial distribution of bank branches in Mashhad    M.Sc.    salami, behnaz    2013-04-29
29    Identifying the private investment process for reviving of the centeral part of cities ( case study : Sarshour neighborhood , Mashhad )    M.Sc.    shirzad, zahra    2013-05-27
30    Analysing of implementation backgrounds of electronic city in Sabzevar    M.Sc.    karimi sani, vajihe    2013-07-09
31    Survey of possible scenarios in the formation of knowledge city in Mashhad metropolitan city based on the role of universities    M.Sc.    mehraey, mohammad    2013-07-09
32    2- لاتین Evaluation Of Influencing Factors On Formation Of Abdanan City Branding    M.Sc.    asgari, masoud    2013-07-09
33    Modeling of Green Space Management in Mashhad by Systems Thinking Method-By particular Eco City Theory-    M.Sc.    Karimi, Elahe    2013-07-09
34    Investigation & Evaluation of Effective Factors on City Image to build Isfahan city Brand    M.Sc.    Moradi, Alireza    2013-09-18
35    Feasibility of Tourist Bus Terminal establishment in Mashhad    M.Sc.    firouzfar, marzieh    2013-12-07
36    Analysis of predisposing factors for urban development with an emphasis on ‎participation, case study : city of Gorgan‎    Ph.D    ,    2013-12-30
37    Manifestation Unity in Plurality; Approach towards the Integration and Spatial Variation in Mashhad city, and the Pattern of the City Iran – Islamic    Ph.D    AMIRFAKHRIYAN, MOSTAFA    2014-01-03
38    Transition from Sprawl to Compact City Form through Corridor Development along First Line Railway oF Mashhad Metropolitan    Ph.D    abbaszadeh, gholamreza    2014-01-23
39    The study of spral development of Safaieie zone in Yazad, accdording to smarth growth    M.Sc.    mortazavi, behnaz    2014-01-23
40    Analysis of Urban Space Management, in the global space of cities, with an emphasis on city diplomacy (case study: the city of Mashhad)    Ph.D    asadi, rouhollah    2014-01-27
41    The role of markets and shopping centers in urban tourism ( Case Study Metropolis Mashhad)    Ph.D    naderi maivan, ramezan ali    2014-02-04
42    Rebirth of spatial text, in the global “life-world”    Ph.D    sadeghi, mojtaba    2014-02-04
43    The evaluation of effective factors on good governance case studies zones of 4 and 8 in Mashhad    M.Sc.    GOHARI GHASEMPUR, NASRIN    2014-03-03
45    Performance evaluation of Mashhad Municipality with DEA models    M.Sc.    arab, hamed    2014-03-17
46    Resuscitation practices of old texture city of Jiroft    M.Sc.    khoshab, Ali    2014-03-17
47    The Strategic Analyzing of City Development For Esfarayen    M.Sc.    sepehri far, hassan    2014-03-17
48    Replacement scenarios brownfield Mashhad industrial Abko-factory    M.Sc.    alaee, reyhaneh    2014-03-17
49    Strategic planning of Piranshahr city by using compilation analysis Multi-Criteria Decision Making and Neural Network    M.Sc.    Ebrahimi, Biri    2014-03-17
50    Analysis of popular participitation approach in Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of urban old textures    M.Sc.    lotfi, zeynab    2014-03-17
51    Analysis of the spatial distribution of major commercial centers using GIS and AHP (Majd and Sarah complex Mashhad)    M.Sc.    hosseini, seyedeh fateme    2014-04-16
52    The Role of Khorasan Razavi Science and Technology Park in Promoting Knowledge City of Mashhad    M.Sc.    momeni bashioosghe, mitra    2014-04-16
53    Analysis of The Status of the digital divide in Mashhad city    M.Sc.    Nabavi, Elham alsadat    2014-04-16
54    Evaluation of Readiness of Mashhad City to Design a City Brand Based on Critical Success Factors    M.Sc.    EGHBALI, NEGIN    2014-04-21
55    Identifying and prioritizaing the risks of large scale urban construction projects using the risk management framework (Case study: Shohada square plan of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    Ramezanpour, Hamid    2014-04-21
56    Analysis of urban management on organizing ecotourism in Shandiz region    M.Sc.    shogitousi, mohammad    2014-05-05
57    Measuring quality of life in old urban-case: Distressed areas in Tehran district 12    M.Sc.    TAMJIDI, HAMID REZA    2014-05-05
58    survey The role of Islamic Council in managing urban development(Case Bojnoord)    M.Sc.    nikbakht, masood    2014-05-05
59    Analysis of ecological urban sustainable development in Sari city    M.Sc.    damavandi, hadi    2014-06-13
60    Explain the pattern of smart city Mashhad Metropolis in Sustainable development    Ph.D    mohammadi, gholamreza    2014-06-22
61    Identification the patterns of changing form and shapes of the city in mashhad urban railway corridor    M.Sc.    rezaeian, tina    2014-08-25
62    Analyzing The New Urbanism Indicators in Sustainable Development of Mashhad 11 Zone of Municipality    M.Sc.    khorsandi alipour zahmatk, reihaneh    2014-08-25
63    Study of urban project development in region 1 of zone 2 municipality of Mashhad from the perspective of sustainble city developement    M.Sc.    sahraee, zahra    2014-09-02
64    fasibility of green roofs, with emphsis on aspects of Eco-City(sajad BLVD of mashhad city)    M.Sc.    Fazeli, Farshad    2014-09-16
65    Analysis the Spatial Transformations of Urban Environment in the Mashhad Metropolis Using the Natural Step Future Study Approach    Ph.D    Heydari Tashekaboud, Akbar    2014-09-17
66    Explanation of the public Transport Patterns in Mashhad Based on Access Index from sustainable development view point    Ph.D    SHADAB MEHR, HOUMAN    2014-09-27
67    Investigating the moderating effect of career growth on the relationship between job engagement and job demands and resources: The case of Vice Chancellor for Planning and Development of Municipality of Mashhad    M.Sc.    beygi, fateme    2014-09-29
68    Evaluating effects of cognitive, affective and unique destination images on tourists loyalty(case study: Babolsar city)    M.Sc.    nasrollahi, naemeh    2014-09-29
69    Explanation of strategic spatial planning system (SSP) approach based on    Ph.D    Siami, Qadir    2014-10-04
70    Explain the pattern of old texture Samen Rehabilitation Center of Mashhad smart growth approach    Ph.D    babaei, javad    2014-10-26
71    Analysis the realization of the goals of Mehr housing in Golbahar, Binaloud and Mehregan new towns of Mashhad    Ph.D    Davarinezhad, Masood    2014-11-01
72    Modelling and predicting landuse changes and physical growth of cities using satellite images (case study : Gonabd Kavoos city in the period 1987-2014)    M.Sc.    ata, behnam    2014-12-15
73    The study of role of urban land use on urban transportation and traffic in Mashhad city center    Ph.D    Rastegar, Mohsen    2015-01-14
75    Analysis of the Influence of Urban Form of Mashhad on the Low-Carbon Transport Development by Strategic Approach    Ph.D    Ebadinia, fahimeh    2015-01-24
76    Investigating the Participation of People in Organizing Vanished Texture in Mashhad Metropolis (Case Study: Abkouh and Majd Neighborhoods)    Ph.D    mehrvarz, setareh    2015-01-28
77    Analysis of Residential High-Rise Buildings with Emphasis on Eco- City Theory in South West Area of Mashhad Metropolitan    Ph.D    Razzaghian, Farzaneh    2015-01-28
78    the evaluation and analysis of urban sustainable development indexes of Zahedan    Ph.D    sepahi, Abdolsami    2015-01-29
79    Urban development Strategies in the Renewal of old texture Case study : the central part of the city of Ahvaz    Ph.D    sayahi, zahra    2015-02-09
80    Evaluating challenges of promoting resiliency of the city: Caae of Zone 1 and 9 Mashhad City    M.Sc.    Nasrabadi, Hamideh    2015-02-14
81    City Development Strategy(CDS) of Mashhad Metropolis with the Focus on Tourism    Ph.D    esmi, akbar    2015-02-28
82    Livability, A New Approach in Urban Planning (Case Study: Mashhad metropolis    Ph.D    Ghanbari, Mohammad    2015-03-03
83    measurement of service quality and it's relationship with satisfaction of pilgrims in mashhad pilgrimage companies    M.Sc.    AGHAEI KABIR, MOJTABA    2015-03-08
84    A Survey on role of people participation renewal proces of obslonce urban tissues Birjand    M.Sc.    Dehghani, Hossein    2015-03-09
85    Strategic Analyzing of City Development Saveh.    M.Sc.    Mohtashami, Narjes    2015-03-09
86    analysis Urban development strategies in Ghouchan    M.Sc.    Salehi, Zohre    2015-03-16
87    analyzing effective factors on physical expansion of seven districts of Mashhad city    M.Sc.    Abrahimy, Maryam    2015-04-27
88    The pattern of tall building in samen area of mashhad    M.Sc.    zohorian, farzane    2015-04-27
89    Explanation the Vision of Shandiz City with emphasis on Theory of Ecological City    Ph.D    taheri, foroozan    2015-04-28
90    Assessment of economic, social and environmental Impacts of construction of tall buildings on urban area zone 1 of Mashhad Municipality.    Ph.D    pirouz, toktam    2015-05-30
91    Anlysis of urban development strategy of Torqabe with urban development approach    M.Sc.    azizi, shima    2015-06-01
92    Evaluation of urban furniture from the perspective of citizen satsifaction and performance of management in the Samen zone in the city of Mashhad    M.Sc.    ahmadi, sanaz    2015-06-30
93    Explanation of Affective Factors on Promoting Health Tourism Focusing on Foreign Tourists in Mashhad City    Ph.D    Kharazmi, Amirali    2015-06-30
94    Explanation of Smart Urban Development Pattern in the Municipal District 8 of Mashhad City    Ph.D    Mabhoot, Mohammad reza    2015-07-01
95    Regional development with emphasis on the role of tourism Based on futures study approach (Case Study:yazd province)    Ph.D    behzadi, sedigheh    2015-07-04
96    Future Study of Mashhad Metropolitan Development based on the Approach of Corridor and Transit-Oriented Development (Case Study: Rail Corridors)    Ph.D    sabaghi abkooh, shirin    2015-07-06
97    How to transition from master plans to the Strategic – Participation Plan: A Case Study in Mashhad    Ph.D    zivari, farshad    2015-08-01
98    Pattern of Providing Sustainable Income in Shandiz City    Ph.D    Radniya, Hossein    2015-08-26
99    Measuring Citizen Satisfaction From Performance Of Urbanism Services Offices Of Mashhad Municipality    M.Sc.    shamshiri jarfi, zahra    2015-09-07
100    Environmental aesthetics explanation of Mashhad Case Martyrs' Square and the streets of Imam Khomeini    Ph.D    khavari, farangis    2015-09-20
101    Temporary Alman Hay role in strengthening the city's identity Mashhad    M.Sc.    solsi, alireza    2015-09-21
102    Impact Assessment of Large Scale projects in Spatial Structure of Small Towns by Using EIA-Binalood County    Ph.D    homaeefar, ali    2015-09-21
103    Analysis of Financial Resources and The Impact of Participatory Projects on Sustainable Income of the Mashhad Municipality    Ph.D    Pirzadeh, Babak    2015-10-12
104    Evaluating Challenges and Obstacles in Succession Planning in Mashhad Municipality    M.Sc.    Abdollahi, Hamid    2015-10-20
105    highrise building pattern in mashhad metropolitan    Ph.D    Disfani, Akbar    2015-11-29
106    Explaining slums growth in Mashhad metropolitan based on scenario planning in 1404 vision    Ph.D    shamabadi, ahmad    2015-12-31
107    Analysis of night city pattern and its role in improvment of pilgrimage tourism in city center of Mashhad    Ph.D    Samadi, Reza    2016-01-06
108    Localization the creative class and the diversity of neighborhood in the city of Mashhad    Ph.D    shahmohamadi, zohre    2016-01-17
109    Analysis capacity in the inter-urban intensive development west of the city of Mashhad in sustainable developm.ent    Ph.D    shakiba, behrooz    2016-01-23
110    Study of the challenges of urban development in district 1 of Mashhad    M.Sc.    Honarvar sedighian, Nazanin    2016-01-23
111    Analysis of Infill Development Model Possibility in Tabriz Worn Out texture    Ph.D    Mirzabaki, Maliheh    2016-01-27
112    Clarifying the role of urban landmark in Mashhad brand (Groups of study: The old city)    Ph.D    khodaee, javad    2016-01-27
113    patern management system in central contextof city mashhad    M.Sc.    amini, marziye    2016-03-02
114    Participatory Regeneration of the Deteriorated Urban Areas of Vakil Abad Castle in Mashhad    M.Sc.    rashidiniya, parvane    2016-03-02
115    Kashmar promote resiliency in the face of natural disasters (earthquake)    M.Sc.    mokhtari, atefeh    2016-03-02
116    Spatial analysis of land and housing prices in Quchan    M.Sc.    mazloom, asiye    2016-03-02
117    the urban development strategies KHAF    M.Sc.    shahsavari, khadijeh    2016-03-02
118    City development strategy of Bojnoord    M.Sc.    salimi, marziye    2016-03-02
119    Explanation of pattern Green city with scenario approach on the 2026 in Mashhad    Ph.D    hosseini, mostafa    2016-04-18
120    ashkhaneh city development strategy (cds)    M.Sc.    zakeri, sedigheh    2016-04-25
121    Analysis of Construction Engineering Organization in sustainable urban development in bojnord    M.Sc.    alipoor, majid    2016-04-25
122    Analysis of effective indicators in the context of the crisis management center of the old city of Mashhad    M.Sc.    Parsa, Mohammad    2016-04-25
123    Presenting creative tourism pattern in sustainable development of West Azarbaijan Provinces cities    Ph.D    Abdoalahzadeh, Mahdi    2016-06-06
124    Analysis of Metro Impact on the Urban Identity Transformation: Case Study, Line 1 of Tehran Metro    Ph.D    Hosseinian, Seydeh Negar    2016-07-05
126    The Analysis and Evaluation of the Challenges of Implementing Open Innovation Paradigm in Urban Research Centers; Case Study: Mashhad Islamic Council Research Center    M.Sc.    moghadasi, hossein    2016-07-31
127    Strategic Analysis Of The role of the supreme council of provinces in the national development Of Iran.    Ph.D    basiripour, gholamreza    2016-09-05
128    the Role of Urban Public Space in Explaining of Women Friendly City Model in Mashhad    Ph.D    shaddel, lia    2016-09-14
129    The Users’ Perception of Public Spaces in the Terms of City Branding in Central Context of Mashhad    Ph.D    Eghbali, Negin    2016-09-18
130    Analysis The Smart City Features In The 9 District Of Mashhad Metropolis With Emphasis On Smart Governance And Living    M.Sc.    cheshmmishi, mohsen    2016-09-19
131    Spatial analysis indicators of resilience in the metropolitan city of Kerman    Ph.D    kamandari, mohsen    2016-10-02
132    City development srategy in Boshroie with emphesizes on good governece    M.Sc.    barakbaf, narjes sadat    2016-11-21
133    Analysis the Scenarios of Regeneration in Abkouh castle of Mashhad    M.Sc.    lotfellahi, samane    2016-12-27
134    Study of the position of pedestrians in the design of the urban system (district One Municipality of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    jafari kheyrabad, davod    2016-12-27
135    Urban form analysis based on smart growth characteristics at urban neighborhoods in Mashhad municipality 9th district    Ph.D    Rezvani Kakhki, saeid    2017-01-11
136    Investigating factors affecting land prices and housing in the district 10 of mashhad    M.Sc.    zahedi sisi, arezo    2017-01-23
137    Analyzing The New Urbanism Indicator in Sustainable Development of district 10 of Mashhad    M.Sc.    Yaghooti, Fatemeh    2017-01-23
138    Konarak City Development Strategy(CDS)    M.Sc.    agheli, mehrab    2017-01-23
139    Review and analysis of returned Remittances impacts of international migrants on Regional Development (Case study: South of Fars Province)    Ph.D    namdar, mahboobeh    2017-01-31
140    The possibility of alteration of residential neighborhoods in the city of Mashhad to stay stable case study: Tappol al-Mahalla    M.Sc.    saedi, mahbube    2017-02-15
141    Evaluation of the regeneration models of worn-out tissues with emphasis on people's participation in Mashhad center renovation and renovation project    M.Sc.    Pishbin, MohamadReza    2017-02-15
142    Factors affecting demographic trends in Sadra New Town    M.Sc.    haghshenas, elahe    2017-06-12
143    Evaluating performance of neighborhood council based on EFQM organizational excellence model in Zone 1,5 and 11 Mashhad Municipality    M.Sc.    Ghodrati, Ali    2017-06-12
144    Spatial Analysis of Violent Crimes in Mashhad Metropolis with Emphasis on Marginal neighborhoods    M.Sc.    Bazargan, Mahdi    2017-09-18
145    Comparative Study of the Sustainability of Residential Neighborhoods in Regions 1 and 2 of Mashhad    M.Sc.    baghban khiabani, sajedeh    2017-10-16
146    dargaz city development strategy    M.Sc.    pakar, maryam    2017-10-16
147    Analysis of development strategies of gonabad city by Meta-SWOT    M.Sc.    bagherifar, ahmad    2017-10-29
148    Systems analysis of factors to implementation of smart energy city ,Case Study : Mashhad Electricity Energy Distribution Company(MEEDC)    M.Sc.    BEYKI, KARIM    2017-10-30
149    Study of Urban Furniture in Ghoochan    M.Sc.    beheshti biglar, zahra    2017-12-11
150    The strategic Analyzing of City Development for Kalat    M.Sc.    niazy, fatemeh    2018-04-23
151    The strategic Analyzing of City Development for Borazjan    M.Sc.    gholami, tahereh    2018-07-02
152    Analysis of the factors affecting the marginalization of Shiraz with emphasis on urban management case study: Khoushk Square Area    M.Sc.    yaghoobi, seyedeh zeinab    2018-07-02
153    providing strategy of helthy tourism of Astane_qods Razavi    M.Sc.    sadeghi, hossein    2018-07-02