Courses List
No Course Title Level
1    Research Method in Urban Geography    B.Sc.
2    Research Methods in Rural and Urbabn Geography    B.Sc.
3    Urban Management    B.Sc.
4    Urban Designs    B.Sc.
5    Comparative Laws of Management of Cities    B.Sc.
6    Civic Economy    B.Sc.
7    Cities Center Planning    B.Sc.
8    Research Method in Urban and Regional Studies    M.Sc.
9    Urban Land Use Planning    M.Sc.
10    Establishing Management    M.Sc.
11    Customs and Lows of City Construction    M.Sc.
12    Physical Geography of City - Geomorphology    M.Sc.
13    Research Method in Urban Geography    B.Sc.
14    Urban Sustainable Development    B.Sc.
15    Research Method    B.Sc.
16    Urban Management    B.Sc.
17    Principles and Techniques in Urban Planning    B.Sc.
18    Comparison Laws of City Administration – Equal to Thesis    B.Sc.
19    Planning for Central areas of Cities    B.Sc.
20    Research Method in Urban Studies    B.Sc.
21    Spatial Analysis    B.Sc.
22    Research Method in Urban and Regional Studies    M.Sc.
23    Research Method in Geography and urban Planning    M.Sc.
24    Principle of Geographical Information Systems-I-    M.Sc.
25    Urban Land Use Planning    M.Sc.
26    Urbanization and Urban Planning in Iran    Ph.D
27    Urban Planning    M.Sc.
28    Urban Laws and Urbanity Regulations    M.Sc.
29    Theories' Approaches and Experiments of Urban Regeneration and Revitalization    M.Sc.
30    Evaluation of Urban Betterment and Urban Renewal Plans' Impacts    M.Sc.
31    Research Methods in Geography    M.Sc.
32    Geographical School of Thought    M.Sc.
33    Thesis    M.Sc.
34    Civil Management    M.Sc.
35    Laws and Regulations of Urbanity    M.Sc.
36    Research Methodology    M.Sc.
37    Basic Rights and Administrating Local Organizations    M.Sc.
38        M.Sc.
39        M.Sc.
40    Urbanism Ecology    M.Sc.
41    Methodology and Research Techniques    Ph.D
42    ُScientific Research Method in urban Geography    Ph.D
43    Political Philosophy of Environment and Geography    Ph.D
44    Structures and function of urban Environment    Ph.D
45    Spatial organizing of city    Ph.D
46    Interaction Among Cities,Villages and Nomads    Ph.D